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Who’s your Farmer?

May 10, 2012

I have this crunchy hippie t-shirt that I bought at a thrift store and cut the neck out. It says, “Who’s your farmer?” and some farmers market is advertised on the back. I buy Tshirts from thrift stores that make me look like a better person than I am, I also have a habitat for humanity shirt that one may assume means I built houses with them in Colorado, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Anyway, this shirt is like catnip at Whole Foods, seriously, I am past my prime in the hotness department, but when I go to Whole Foods wearing this shirt, I’m a goddess. Also, my being a mom who barely cares helps me get hit on a lot there, because I don’t shower everyday and if I go to a crunchy hippie store they love girls with greasy hair who smell bad and wear off the shoulder farm shirts with bra straps showing. True story.


People also like to ask me, “Who’s YOUR farmer?” This happened to me a few months ago when I was picking up pizza at Dominos. I was tongue tied….”UH, uh…uh…” Not because I don’t know who my farmer is, but because I was at Dominos. It was like wearing a “Jesus is Lord” t-shirt to an atheist convention and somebody asking who Jesus is and clamming up. What I should have said is, “Regina is my farmer,” She is at Campbells Dairy and I have a picture of her holding my son on a miniature pony on my facebook wall. I think she’s an Aggie, but I love her anyway.”

I had no idea till I started researching nutrition how important things like knowing where the hell your food came from is. You know the saying, you are what you eat? Well, if you are not a vegan, you really are what your food eats. If your food is being pumped full of antibiotics and living in the damn chicken concentration camps that they have now a days, how is that going to be good for your body? Just from a common sense standpoint, that logic that you can feed these animals garbage and get nutrition doesn’t hold up.

This being said, we eat a ton of eggs in this house. My son is no longer allergic to them, and if they are from the farm, eggs are nutritional POWERHOUSES. Seriously, he can eat like half a dozen throughout the day. I hardboil a bunch and will give him two for breakfast with a banana. They are packed full of vitamin D (from the sunshine), beta carotene, vitamin A, omega 3’s and vitamin E. If you are looking for a good food to eat, eat an egg that comes from the farm.

Most of us don’t realize that the store eggs that we eat come from battery henhouses from live chickens that are so cramped they live and die in about 5 square inches with not enough room to ever spread their wings. Their feet are malformed from their long nails standing on a wire floor all day, and their beaks are cut off so they don’t peck one another. They barely move and are basically force fed genetically modified feed and pumped full of antibiotics in the dark for your dining pleasure, producing about one egg a day. It’s unconscionable, and one of the biggest things I am glad I changed. If you go to this website they can give you more information. You can google battery henhouses on youtube if you want to become ill at how these animals are treated.

I do NOT consider myself an animal advocate, but PURELY from a nutritional standpoint as to what I want to put in my childs’ body, battery produced eggs are not on the allowable list. Now, those organic, free range, vegetarian labels are most of the time a bunch of garbage, alot of those labels are not regulated and just a marketing ploy, as in your eggs are “free range” because the six thousand chickens in a barn have a six inch door they are allowed to go in and out of, nevermind that they don’t actually USE the door. The label you want to have on your eggs is “Pastured,” as in the chickens are put out of their pens onto a pasture and then put back up at night to keep them safe from predators.

I pay $3.50 a dozen for my eggs from a farm. I encourage you to do a little research and find a farm near you or a co-op to join. You can also raise your own chickens, my HOA would have a conniption fit, otherwise I would totally throw a few in the back yard. Also the Vegetarian label is nonsensical, because chickens are SUPPOSED to peck the ground to find worms and bugs, that’s what a normal, healthy happy  chicken does to get its protein. So don’t pay any attention to those labels. In a pinch, I do buy the Costco brown eggs, I also pay the same price for them as the ones from the farm, which really pisses me off, because they are far inferior to pastured eggs. Read this article for more info.


Anyway, let me encourage you, don’t feel bad about what you eat, we are all doing the best we can. Arm yourself with knowledge and maybe it will become as important to you to get things that are raised well that you will vote with your dollar. Knowledge is the first step, we all started somewhere! Now, GO find you a happy chicken!!!

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